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Friday, November 5, 2010

Of Strawberry Lollipop and Love

i love
my strawberry lollipop

i still remember
the first day i had them
given by daddy
i was so addicted
i made him promise
that he would buy me
one every weekend
more frequent and
mum would frown our way

and now
i still love
to suckle on the crystallized sugar
to savour the sweetness
to drown in its overwhelming taste

i dont know why my friend
resent me doing that
what, eating sweet is impolite now?
they would snicker
they would whisper
i hate being the centre of negative attention

i hide my habit
continuing it in home
as i watch TV alone
or leaning onto daddy's strong shoulders
as i am chatting on my mac
while listening to daddy's nagging
about my messy room

at times he would look my way
"don't you ever get bored of that?"
i asked him back
"don't you ever get bored of me?"
he would laugh
and gently brought me into his manly hug
"no, not ever"

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