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Monday, May 2, 2011

it's a wonderful world

but you were born hateful

you say those bad things
about them

you say the false things
about them

you spread the wrong things 
about them

you act as if you're god's angel,
not them

when in reality, you really are
one of them

your hipocrisy amaze me
your fakeness annoy me
your words enrage me

i was misleaded
by your holy verses
by your vast knowledge
by your i-know-it-all attitude
by your innocent expression

but inside
there's something not so innocent
something you hide
something not wrong, 
but you're afraid to reveal

well, it's your choice anyway
when you pretend to be SO GOOD
when irl you THAT BAD
in the end
you make me wanna puke

you're nothing but a pretender

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