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Monday, May 16, 2011

fortissime? cantabile? bach? schumann?

it's all the familiar words
on music
when i'm watching the anime
'nodame cantabile'

i am not a fan of classical music
and my intention of watching
all the 45 episodes
was to watch nodame herself

nodame is a weird girl
with vast imagination
and big talent in piano
she's not just a round character
she's a character 
which looks like a bubble;
always changing,
looks different from different angle
and definitely unpredictable

i love her
from the start till the end
and the music too!

the sound oboe produce
which i didn't even know exist
before this
is my favourite sound now

oh :)
back to nodame
i just love her 
variety of expressions


so here's one of my favourite part in
nodame cantabile : paris

one night, during dinner, nodame 
intended to study french
so she let out a book

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