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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

by the sea

i wont ever go back there, dude
there's nothing there
and a pretty but creepy girl
is totally obsessed with me 

i promise i'll wait here
for you
 by the seashore

i think she won't be waiting for me at all
she's pretty
i bet she's dating some other guys 
right now 

the heat may be bitter 
the wind may be nasty
but i'll still wait
 by the sea

if she waits?
i don't know dude.
maybe eventually she'll get sick of it
maybe even before that
her father will drag her off the seashore 
because you too  
 had promised me
 to come back here

it was just a nod as a polite gesture 
when she asked me
whether or not
i'll come back there
do you count that as a promise, dude? 

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