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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

cute notebooks

whenever i go to
gift shops
and the likes

i have this urge to buy
something like




but i refrain! 
unwillingly (pooh~)
coz i know what will happen next

"awww..... you're too cute
for me to doodle things on"

which will lead to

"i'll just keep you here"
*put it somewhere in the closet*

and after several month, tops

"oh, this..."
*put it into schoolbag with
intention to use*

aaaanndd finally

*the notebook will turn to something
so hideous
i'm forced to throw it away*
because my schoolbag has
enough things in it, thank you

but they're so cute!
i practically have to bite my lips
to not just grab them away to the devil counter


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