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Friday, February 26, 2010

Today . . .

my friends and i
went to the city
just a bunch
of teens having fun
it was...
to say the least
and i gotta admit
i totally sucks in bowling
we're tired out
at last
and back to where
we belong

when i got home
there was 43 missed calls
it was you
and many, many, many
angry messages
it was mine
the fault
letting the phone left uncharged
so i told you
and everything
went well
our fights
are one of the
things i love about our love
they last for less than a day
less than 5 minutes
i can't stand being
that way with you
it breaks my heart every time
you raise you voice
and it's directed to me
but when
we fight
and you said those awful things to me
i can't help but remind
this girl
"this is the man
i love
i can't stay mad at him
i love him"

in the movie
there was an elderly couple
the woman touched
my heart
when she said
"when you love someone
you can't just love the nice, good things
about her
you must also love the things
you hate in her"
my dear
i exist
as a package
when you took me
into your arms
you took the whole of me
the good and the bad
the lovable and the hateful
of this girl

i accepted you
the way you are
from the first time we met
in virtual and real life

i'm grateful
you still accept me till today
i hope
you will accept me
for tomorrow
and tomorrow

~i love you~

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