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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Miss Lonely's verse....

i'm feeling kinda blue tonight....
i feel like crying
i said is right
i did is good
am i
to your eyes?

i love you
yes i do
i'm feeling
you dont care?
you dont give a damn?
you want to fade away?

they say things change
after some time in a relationship,
the love
it will
not gone, still there
is it
what's happening to me now?

i know
since forever
i ain't perfect
nobody is
i know

i know
i'm not trying to be my best when i'm with you
but i look forward
and see
what's there to hide?
why bother to?
you'll know me inside out
sooner or later
i know

i know
i'm not that good in talking
in expressing myself
everything i said
you interpret as something else
we fight for that
i'll feel guilty
we make up
i know

i know
you love me
you had done many things for me
went through long journeys
waiting for years
pampering me every way you can
i know

i don't know
something is missing
maybe i'm just missing you
lost in the distance
lost in the problems
lost in all this running time

when will i ever find
the man that greet me before the school's gate in his shiny red car
with the sweetest smile on his face?

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