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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Shack

it was unintentional
that i found
a shelter
that i found
him, him and him
brothers, uncles, grandfathers
and this world of freedom

until now
i couldn't believe
a man built that empire
whom i adore
who amaze me everyday
despite the hell of life
he still there
giving the others hopes
smiles and laughs
yet still humble
and friendly
how i wish i get to meet him
if only once in my lifetime

but it's just a dream
i can't even reach his country
much less to meet him there
but still i shall
continue admiring
and admiring
and admiring
for that's the only way
for me
to show my loyalty
and affection

he still inspire me
till today
and so i love him dearly
till today
even though i didn't express it much
i don't know why
i am scared of him
is it
excessive respect?
is it
overdose inferiority?
i'll just say it here

"you're one of the best thing in my life"

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