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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thing That Comes When I Least Expected It To

I was studying in this school. It was my senior year. Sure, life couldn't get better for most of my friends. It was the 'peak' of their teenage life, you know.
Experiencing new exciting things every single day.
They just couldn't get enough of this life.

But I chose the other way.
I saw life as continuous routine.
Mundane and never changing.
And be the loner that I still am now.
It's not that I dread everything.
Or loathing life.
I just ceased to care about it.
As long as I flow.
Nothing else matters.

Life can get boring way too easy for me.
So I resort in friendship.
Online friends, you may call them.
Some kind, some just plain bullsh*t.
But fun nonetheless.
Unlike friends IRL
I can just ditch them whenever I feel like to
Or just keep silent till they fade away
Or pour out all my deepest secret without fear
Or discuss things that would be frowned upon by most people

Come this one friend.
I see this a chance to get a new special friend
Not in 'that' way
It's special in another way
Which you would not understand anyway

Nevertheless, life become pretty interesting when this friend appear
I just could not refrain from talking to this friend
After lights-off
During prep classes
In the peaceful prep-less evenings

I find peace when I talk to this friend
So things keep going
on and
on and
on and
for a long time

"Would you let me to take you as my girlfriend?"
No, it's not the rip-off of the lyrics of a song
This friend sent the message to me one night
And the fear came in waves to me
I was like, OMG I hate this thing
I hated interfering my really private life with my private life
But This friend had been good to me
Why not?
I said "ok...." in the end

I like this friend well as a friend
loving, caring, and just pleasant
emm, maybe a bit too much spices in the words sometimes :P
love is not my feeling at that time
it was too far to reach, i felt then
but i dare to try
and seeing the result
after three years
and i'm still with this friend
i guess, i can say i made the right decision
to try

we still fight like we used to do
we still cry when things get bad
we still laugh when things get better
but one thing changes
i have no more doubt that this friend is...

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rotihalia said...

pin pean lo? NEK WA PIN FAN KAN......