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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just whatever that starts with an "R" and ends with an "e".... >_>

Now now now.... I just went back home for, like, only several days. And I dont talk much. I listen. Well, one of 'em is a story about a family of a bunch of dumb pigs, but I'd like to concentrate on 3 main members of the family.

Firstly, the mother pig. Let's just call her BIATCH

Second, guess what? The father pig! Call him a D*CKHEAD

Third, the son of the pigs. And, his name is... *SSFACE

There, there... They are a happeeeee family. Aww.... I felt like crying of happiness seeing them...
*pukes in the corner after saying that*

But, one day... ::(fake) sobs:: *SSFACE became crazy. It's like *POW* and

he turns into a mindless pig zombie minus the appetite for human

brains. He just, like, function-less. And guess? BIATCH and D*CKHEAD

dreaded things like that because *SSFACE supposed to work and bring them

filthy food in front of their big pigsty everyday. ::(fake) sigh.. awww poor

Therefore, the couple concentrated on other piglets, which are

normal and would do their pigsty chores faithfully, unlike *SSFACE who

would stared blankly into space every living minute he had.

Geez, a total spoiler, ain't it? LOL

Well, somehow, *SSFACE got the direction to one of his human

acquaintance house. How? Perhaps a voice whisper the direction to the

unfortunate house. *when a pig become crazy, THAT is a serious ailment,

oh-kay?* Back to the story, unable to reject him because of

manner, the owner and his family accepted him. They let him, guess? Eat

like a pig, sleep like a pig, and basically being a total douchebag in the

house for, like, a couple of months. Meanwhile, BIATCH and D*CKHEAD live

happily in their stinky pigsty, purposely playing deaf although they know

that their frigging son is messing up other people's lives. *what the hell?? i

don't give a damn if their family is falling off a cliff, i'd rather save a dog

than them, but puh-leeez, don't interfere with OUR lives, stinking pigs!*

Eventually, the owner of the kind house let *SSFACE live in another house.

Not being grateful, *SSFACE became worse. :: this suppose to teach that kindness doesnt necessarily replied with kindness :: He REALLY made

himself home. He even threatened the owner of the 'another house', which

ultimately forcing them to leave their own house. And, can you believe?

BIATCH and D*CKHEAD were roaring and roaring with red faces like b*tches

in heat.. In simpler words, they were angry because 'kind house' was now

abandoning their son. Geez, see? Ungrateful pigs.
*I felt like screaming :

hello??? that's your child. taking care of him IS you f*cking responsibility,

not ours, F*CKERS!!!*
*SSFACE then try to be a business-pig, making

business by his sh*tting skills; which turn his own sh*t into fertilizer for his

planted vegetables. ::YIKES!!:: He lived happily, while the 'kind house' and

the 'another house' suffer, until.... NOW.

Moral : Once a pig turns crazy, hand them over to slaughter house, and let

them make a bacon out of it. BEWARE OF MAGGOTS THOUGH. That's not a

good sign nor a pretty sight.

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