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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i changed my blog ! ! ! ! ^ ^

to this one :


Friday, August 12, 2011

time passes, the clock ticks, life goes on

but in this sugary sweetness
of a piece of life
i'd want to linger

time to stop
hands to halt
life frozen

glee preserves
grief fades

to be beautiful

how does it feel to be beautiful?
to be loved at the first sight
to be adored without you even trying
to be liked just with a glimpse
even babies like perfect facial figure
thus in world the favour is much more
for beautiful people

sure, pretty people have problems too
but they dont have the additional ones
rooted from worries about looks

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

in midst the cold night

i snuck into his room
hoping for a warm sleepy cuddle
or a session of pillow talk
or maybe something else 
for the cold night

i just hope i realized before that
that i forgot
he mentioned to me before
that he switched room with his gay brother

after that night
would not stop saying
"i'm feeling so dirty"
complete with a glare
everytime he sees me

speak to me

don't you know it's killing me
when you stared at me down the hall
with no words out of your lips

don't you know i'm going crazy
everytime i sit in class 
and see you in front of me

don't you realize
i'm mourning
every second
i'm breathing

coz we're stuck 
in a forbidden garden
that's just
too sweet to escape from