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Friday, July 23, 2010

Let. Me. Be.

i know
when the sky is dark
it's easy to see the stars
that will guide me
to the place i should be

i know
when it's daylight
i can't see the stars
i'm left alone
in the middle of the road

i know
i'm losing it all
as i stand here in daylight
when it's too bright
for me to see
what's wrong
what's right

in the daylight
i find my joy
i find my will to live
i find the meaning of life
i find friends
i find family

in the daylight
i can see
what is really happening
with my eyes
along with other senses
i can think clearly
i can pick my own rationale

not when it's dark
i can only rely on the voices telling me the truth
as i am blinded by the darkness
not seeing anything
not assured of everything
suffocated by the darkness that bind

let me be
i need to be here
it has been years
and i'm still here
i know people trying to drag me out
but i'm not moving
my affection is strong
my love still burning
i can't let go

let me be
in this daylight

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