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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mint's Guy List (1)

Last week, had just finished watching an old movie "American Beauty". I read the synopsis before and wasn't really hoping for anything, you know, mesmerizing. My intention of watching it is just because some article I found citing the movie as.... something I forgot. But I really wasn't expecting anything. Really. Except, well, maybe a proper and interesting story line, perhaps that's why the movie become some's favourite.

My, my, my.... how WRONG I was.

Because I write this under the title of Guy List, of course i found a new gem in the movie. XD Well, the term 'new' is only applicable to me, I think. I'm quite outdated when it comes to movies. X)

Well, it's Ben Westley acting as Ricky. He's lol, quite a psycho in this movie, a hot one nevertheless. His eyes are really enticing, he nearly beat the two guys on my top list for beautiful eyes! XD And his nonchalant attitude succeedingly fished out a long long "AWWWWW" from me, wishing if I can just be like him, despite the coward 'me' I had to have in daily basis. His hair is .... wait, I dont
know what it is and I'm lazy to google it, but it seems like the cut that is given to military people. Whatever the name is. Well, that haircut suit him very well! I looooooove this guy, but now that he's older.... Let's just say that I looooooove him only at those time around the movie production. Hihihi.

This is him! XD

p/s: My policy of only liking young, hot man is only applicable for celebrities, and NOT to friends, relatives, and YOU my love =)

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Azham Vosovic said...

heheheeh! I want that movie la...

misswhatever1001 said...

i'll give if u ask lol XD